Hey babe! Interested in carrying Celestial Bodiez in your store?

Want to carry an item that your customers will go crazy for + our local customers will come in just to buy?? Want to carry our products in your store? Whole sale prices are available for companies with a physical location. There is no cost to signup for a wholesale account, but you must complete the following steps:

1. Create an account FIRST
2. Then fill out the form below, with the same name as on the account.
3. Await our response



After your application has been approved we will send you the pricing details.

1. Map pricing must simply never go below our standard retail pricing (that we feature on our website).

2. Minimum order of 30 pieces.

3. Custom orders accepted with a minimum of 100 unit order. This includes custom screen print projects and custom color/sublimation.

4. Retailers must use our name/logo and trademarked Bootyscrunch term on their website where they feature our products.